The Finca

A finca is the Spanish word for an “estate”, and refers to the combination of a piece of rural or agricultural land and a farmhouse and is often adjacent to a woodland or plantation.

Especially in tourism the term has  gained the colloquial meaning of a ‘holiday home in a rural setting’.

Unlike many  holiday homes on Mallorca which call themselves fincas, Cassiopea looks and feels like a true finca ,built on 1.6 ha plot of farmland in the midst of the rolling fields of central Mallorca.

It was bult less then 10 years ago by a couple of Argentian architects making use of authentic building materials with the looks of an old farmhouse on the ouside but the feel of a real holiday home on the inside.



_DSC7068                 _DSC7103 _DSC7109                

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Cassiopea  has 310m2 of livable space and has all modern amenities, including sattelite TV, sattelite wifi, etc… and can accomodate  8 adults.

It has a large open space on the ground floor with kitchen, dining area and living area.

The house has four bedrooms: one on the ground floor with annex bathroom, two on the first floor, of which one is the master bedroom with private bathroom.

The fourth room is in the guest quarters, adjoining the house. It also has its own bathroom.