Why Mallorca?

When you think of Mallorca, you probably think of crowded beaches, hi-rise hotels and apartment complexes, cheap package tourism, rowdy bars with drunken British and German tourists or other such great things.

And yes, these are there, but they represent only a small part of all that this beautiful island has to offer.

You can go to Mallorca, spend a few weeks there and never get confronted with any of this.


Mallorca is known  for its beaches. And rightfully so. There are  a lots to chose from: wide sandy beaches, small rocky beaches,….. more than 200 in total.

All on an island that measures no more than 100km from North to South and 70 kms from East to West.



               But Mallorca is so much more than beaches… much more…


So is Mallorca home to the Serra de Tramuntana, a ninety km long mountain range with peaks of up to 1.500 meters, a hiking paradise for both casual hikers as well as for experienced climbers. The whole area is a protecde national park and is on the list of Unesco’s World Heritage sites.

Mallorca is also the favorite training ground for many of the professional road bycicling teams, as well as for tens of thousands of recreational bikers. Hundreds of km’s of virtually deserted roads, tough climbs, wind, it’s all there.

And then there are the 20+ golf courses on the island and 20 marinas which make Mallorca also a favorite among pople with sailing or motor yachts.

And for the less active, there is the old city of Palma to discover with its magnificant cathedral,castle and old town and the many pittoresque towns and markets spread throughout the island.

Mallorca visitor websites


One of the best overview sites for visitors to mallorca is  the ‘all you need to know of mallorca’ See Mallorca site. It is a commercial site, but you will find lots of information about virtually everything you will want to do in Mallorca.

Another very useful – and similar-  site is Digame Mallorca. They claim to be ‘your essential, most up-to-date guide which features everything and anything there is to see and do in Mallorca whether you live here or are coming on your holidays’.

Digame also publishes free pocket sized ‘what’s on’guides every month from March through to December.

A third similar site is  mallorca-eye, in Spanish, English and German.

ABC-Mallorca has a lifestyle magazine in Spanish, English and German and also a website.

And then there is the official site of the balearic islands illes.balears, in Spanish, English, French and Italian. This is a non-commercial site, which you can tell immediately… A ‘ bit’ less sexy and a lot less user friendly…

Finally, the many German speaking residents have there own digital newspaper : mallorca zeitung. Only in German  but also useful to know what is going on locally