Malllorca is known among the locals and the many foreign residents as the ‘isla de la luz’ or the ‘island of the light’ because of its abundance of sunlight and clear, blue skies throughout the year.

On average, the sun shines 2.775 hours per year.

That  is 7.5 hours on average every day of the year. That is just about double the amount of sunshine one gets for example in Brussels.


Mallorca has great weather throughout the year, with an average of 5-6 hours of sunshine a day in winter and 10-11 hours of sunshine in Summer.

The summer on Mallorca lasts  from May through Ocotober with the maximum temperature during the day averaging above 20° in each of these months.

But even from November through April, the average maximum temperature doesn’t drop below 15° and  most days have clear and sunny skies with only occasional rain.


October and November are the ‘wettest’ months. But even then, it rains on average only on 6/7 days a month. It can be windy in these months as well.



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Min. temperature: 8º C | Max. temperature: 15º C | Hrs of sunshine per day: 5-6  | No. of rainy days: 5
January is low season in Mallorca and so is actually a great time to visit if you enjoy the outdoors. At this time of the year, the temperatures in Mallorca are pleasant for exploring the countryside and for many of the sports available on the island. With the skies above being clear or partly cloudy for 80% of the month, it’s the perfect time for road bikers to enjoy the quiet lanes and for hikers to get out in the mountains.

Min. temperature: 9º C | Max. temperature: 16º C | Hrs of sunshine per day: 6  | No. of rainy days: 5
The temperatures slowly begin to rise and it’s the time of year for the almond blossoms to make an appearance. Thousands of visitors come to Mallorca to see the white blossom – head to the foothills of the Tramuntana mountains to see the best examples.



Min. temperature: 10º C | Max. temperature: 17º C | Hrs of sunshine per day: 6-7  | No. of rainy days: 4
As the days become longer, the amount of sunshine increases and the temperatures can get over the 20º C mark making trips to the beach possible. Avoid swimming in the sea unless you have a wet suit – the average sea temperature at this time of year in Mallorca is only 14º C!

Min. temperature: 11º C | Max. temperature: 19º C | Hrs of sunshine per day: 8  | No. of rainy days: 6
Mallorca’s weather in April is positively Spring-like. It tends to have a couple more rainy days (more likely at the beginning of the month) but the upside of this is that the countryside becomes very green and lush. Mallorca gets a bit busier now with the Easter holidays and you’ll definitely be able to enjoy Mallorca’s beach at this time of year (the beach clubs open round about now). Sea temperatures remain low at 15º C.

Min. temperature: 15º C | Max. temperature: 22º C | Hrs of sunshine per day: 9  | No. of rainy days: 4
Warm evenings and sunny days make May a glorious time to visit Mallorca. The landscapes are green thanks to the Spring showers and the clear blue skies provide fabulous contrast if you like photography.



Min. temperature: 18º C | Max. temperature: 26º C | Hrs of sunshine per day: 10  | No. of rainy days: 2
The start of the high season, June is when the island really starts to come alive. Hot days and warm nights, and finally the sea starts to warm up, reaching 21º C. Mallorca’s nightclubs start to get busy and the live music venues begin their summer programmes. And you might still be able to get a place on your favourite beach before the school holidays begin.

Min. temperature: 21º C | Max. temperature: 29º C | Hrs of sunshine per day: 11  | No. of rainy days: 1
July brings hot and dry weather, particularly in the interior of Mallorca. Perfect for sunbathing, a visit to the waterparks, and of course, the beach. Sea temperatures are a welcoming 24º C. It’s the perfect summer holiday destination.

Min. temperature: 22º C | Max. temperature: 30º C | Hrs of sunshine per day: 10  | No. of rainy days: 1
August tends to be the hottest month to visit Mallorca, the humidity also rises in August to 70%. Don’t try climbing any mountains at this time unless you have sun block and litres of water. Much better to laze by the pool or on the beach where you’ll benefit from the cooling sea breeze.


Min. temperature: 20º C | Max. temperature: 27º C | Hrs of sunshine per day: 8  | No. of rainy days: 4
The temperatures in Mallorca in September fall a touch to a more manageable average of 27º C, but the sea remains warm at 25º C. The beginning of September is definitely hotter than the end of September, and you may find there is more cloud cover and rainfall as the end of the month approaches.

Min. temperature: 16º C | Max. temperature: 23º C | Hrs of sunshine per day: 6-7  | No. of rainy days: 7
It’s time to get back to enjoying outdoor pursuits as the weather in Mallorca during October has temperatures at a very pleasant mid 20º C’s. Be aware that the Tramuntana mountains can create their own micro-climate and you may find it’s slightly cloudier and wetter here than in other parts of Mallorca. You can still enjoy the beach in October, so don’t rule Mallorca out for the half term holiday week.

Min. temperature: 12º C | Max. temperature: 19º C | Hrs of sunshine per day: 5-6  | No. of rainy days: 6
November in Mallorca begins to feel like the UK in May. You can expect the odd day to be over 22º C and the skies are clear or partly cloudy 80% of the month. So definitely still very pleasant. The sea temperature begins to fall now to 19º C and won’t reach the heady heights of above 20º C until the following June.

Min. temperature: 10º C | Max. temperature: 17º C | Hrs of sunshine per day: 5  | No. of rainy days: 6
December brings the shortest days of the year and the corresponding fall in daily sunshine hours. The days are still warm enough to being wearing T-shirts but you will need a light jacket for the evenings


This information was taken from the See Mallorca website.